Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Let's wrap it up

Well, I think we all have to be honest with ourselves and say that we entered this baseball season with high hopes. Sadly, the 2008 season ended Monday night with a whimper instead of confetti and champagne.

As I stated back on February 18, our entire season hinged on the starting rotation and the bullpen. This year was not kind to our starters and pulling together a rotation from the bullpen, the minors, and free agency was nightmare-ish at best for the coaching staff. As a result, the pitching coaches have already been fired.

Starting in August, I asked the readership to give their predictions as to what changes should occur in the Tigers organization before 2009. Your input is below.

As you can see, pitching dominated the predictions. Coaching changes have already taken place (with Dave Dombrowski already stating that Leyland has his job for next year). And who knows if we'll see more young guys appearing on the ball diamond in April.

This offseason should be interesting to watch as pieces are shuffled around, faces come and go, and the roster begins to take shape for next year. Let's just hope that when April rolls around, we'll all have high expectations for our Detroit Tigers.

Go Tigers!