Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Changes in the future??

Well, despite their hold on the NL Wild Card, the Milwaukee Brewers decided to part ways with head coach Ned Yost. I'm assuming the reason is because the Brewers are in a slump right now, and hoping that a changing of the guard will get the team back to its winning ways.

So, what does this mean for the Tigers? Not much, but if a wild card team can oust their manager in mid-September, what should/will a team that was susposed to win the World Series do at the end of their disappointing year? I'm not laying sole blame on the Tigers flop on Jim Leyland, but he sure hasn't made it easy for us Tigers fan this year.

When Leyland joined the Tigers in 2006, I thought it was a good change. He brought a lot of experience with him. Winning experience. And the change in the Tigers team was immediately evident. However, since making it to the World Series that year, the Tigers have tried to replicate their success through trades, acquisitions, and position changes. (Let's just say that I'm not a fan of Farnsworth, of letting Sean Casey go, and positional merry-go-round with Cabrera, Inge, and Guillen. And don't get me started on the starting rotation and bullpen. Just leave Bobby Seay in the game and stop pulling him!)

I'm a fan of the line-up we have right now, however, I feel that we need to make some drastic changes in the starting rotation and bullpen this year. And, the coaching is not immune either. Perhaps a change at the dugout steps will right the ship and get the Tigers back to where they belong, the playoffs and beyond.

Go Tigers!