Thursday, July 1, 2010

July 2010 Desktop Wallpaper

The Detroit Tigers return home for a nine game homestand after a lackluster road trip that saw them take over the AL Central, then drop back into 2nd.  After the homestand, the All Star game takes place in Cali, where hopefully we'll see this month's wallpaper representative.  I know he's a rookie, but I really believe that Brennan Boesch deserves a nod to participate in the game.

 See updated post for links to download the wallpaper

A big thank you to whitecapwendy for the photo of Brennan Boesch.

Go Tigers!


David said...

Great wallpaper as always, but the links to sizes are a bit off. For instance, 1280x800 links to a 1024x640 wallpaper.

paul said...

Thanks for letting me know. I'll take care of that this morning.

sportfan said...

does the all star game really start at 3:33 on a Tuesday afternoon?

paul said...

sportfan - that's what was on the Tigers web site as of last week. I didn't check any other sources as I figured that was a good enough source.

Crock said...

just discovered your site.
perfect for tigers fan stuck in new jersey.