Monday, September 21, 2009

Huge win

Yesterday's win in the Metrodome was huge for the Tigers. On the verge of being swept in the series, they managed to win their final game in that horrible stadium and push their lead in the AL Central back to three games.

Now, we head into Cleveland for a three game series against a floundering Indians team that has lost eight in a row. I don't want to jinx them and predict a sweep, so I'm rooting for a 2-1 split in the series.

The Twins are heading to Chicago to face a White Sox team that has lost four of its last five games. As much as it pains me to do, I'm going to be rooting for the White Sox to win that series.

If the Tigers go 2-1 against Cleveland, and the Twins go 1-2 against Chicago, our lead will be 5 games with 10 games remaining. As much as I'd love for the Tigers to have wrapped up the AL Central title by now, this race is just far too exciting. Those last seven games at Comerica Park are going to be absolutely insane!

Go Tigers!