Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Youkilis is a moron and fights like a girl

In case you missed the game last night, Porcello didn't last too long thanks to the stupid umpires. Porcello was facing Youkilis to start the 2nd innning, and when one of Porcello's pitches hit Youkilis, he charged the mound. Porcello seemed genuinely surprised that Youkilis charged him, and put up his hands to show that it was an accident. That didn't slow Youkilis down though, and he threw his batting helmet at Porcello. Who throws their batting helmet at their opponent????? Apparently big sissies do.

I have to give credit to Porcello at this point. He was backpedaling when Youkilis tackled him, but Porcello managed to stay on his feet. And then Porcello managed to spin Youkilis around and throw him to the ground.

Obviously Youkilis was ejected for rushing the pitcher, but then the umpires decided to toss Porcello. Now I would have normally expected both benches to get a stern warning after this, but the umpires decided to take the game into their own hands and toss Porcello.

This incident, or something like it was coming. Cabrera was hit by a pitch last night, and also in the first game of the Boston series. The difference is, Cabrera acted like a real man, and went to first base (except for last night he had to go to the training room because he was hit on the hand). Youkilis, on the other hand, acted like a moron and a idiot for charging the mound.

I think this game could be pivotal in the Tigers season. I was proud that the entire team came out of the dugout and the bullpen, and even Cabrera came out of the training room to join the brewhaha. No one stayed in the dugout and bullpen. This shows me how much of a team the Tigers really are. I fully expect them to come out in tonight's game and crush Josh Beckett.

Go Tigers!