Thursday, May 1, 2008

Prediction and poll update

On my April 10 post, I predicted the Tigers would finish April with an 18-10 record after starting 1-7. Well, that didn't turn out as well as I hoped it would. However the Tigers have made significant progress going 12-7 since that post. As it currently stands, the Tigers sit in 4th place in the Central Division with a 13-15 record.

They have 28 games in May and my prediction for this month is that they will go 19-9.

In March of this year, I created a poll asking you to provide your best guess at how many games the Tigers would win this year. The results are in, and the majority of you said the Tigers would win between 91 - 100 games.

I've got a new poll up now for the month of May. I'd like to find out how many games you've attended during your time as a Tigers fan.